video wall; Display the image in desired dimensions

For using as Conference hall restaurant business complex offices hotel lobby

What is video wall?

Video wall is a variable combination of a number of television screens that, by placing them together, provide a large screen with larger dimensions for exciting video content.

Video Wall, Another world

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Grouping of image content

In the implementation of Videowall, it is possible to control and categorize image sources: in this way, users will be able to display several different image contents simultaneously on the screens separately.

Watching movies and series in Netflix

Watch the content of Netflix movies and series in the highest quality video wall.

Watching movies and series in Namava

Watch movies and series of Namava home broadcast network with the ability to choose the content of each screen in the video wall

Watching movies and series in Filimo

Watch the film in the video wall with the largest possible size and experience the large size with the quality.

Selctable Sound

The possibility of playing sound along with the image in the video wall

In the video wall, the sound of each image displayed on the video wall can be played separately for the audience.

  • Select the sound source
  • Select the number of playable images
  • Selecting multiple image sources in a video wall
  • Display the image of security cameras
  • Advertising teasers
  • Iptv

Sound control and automation in video wall

One of the distinguishing features in the implementation of this system is that users can control and manage audio and video resources and content in the video wall without the need for any special training and using a touch screen.

LED Screen

ویدیو وال ها مجموعه ای از اسکرین های ال سی دی  به هم چسبیده هستند (LCD Wall) تا بتواند تصویر بزرگی درست کنند، و یا در هر پنل تصویر مجزایی نمایش داده شوند.

فاصله پنل های ویدیو وال بسته به برند انتخابی از چند دهم میلی متر تا چند میلی متر متفاوت است.


  1. در حالت ویدیو وال)نمایش یک تصویر بزرگ در چند ال سی دی) تصویر به چند بخش تقسیم می شود و به علت مرزی که بین ال سی دی اسکرین ها وجود دارد تصویر یک پارچه نخواهد بود.


  1. کیفیت بالای تصویر در ال سی دی اسکرین ها امکان استفاده از ویدیو وال را برای مکانهایی که جزئیات بیشتری مدنظر است، مانند:
    اطلاعات و دیتا سازمان ها یا بیمارستان ها
    دوربین های امنیتی


  1. رزولوشن بالا در ال سی اسکرین ها این امکان را میدهد که فاصله بیننده تا تصویر کم باشد.


  1. پنل های ویدیو وال از نوع صنعتی میباشند که امکان استفاده طولانی مدت درطول روز را بدون ایجاد مشکل فراهم میکند.

LED Screen

In this type of image, LED panels are used, which are placed side by side and can be made in different sizes, according to the space and viewer distance standard.

One of the characteristics of the LED screen is the pixel pitch, the pitch is the distance between the display pixels, the smaller the distance, the higher the image quality or resolution.


  1. Video walls usually have a higher resolution than LED walls, so for LED screens, the distance between the viewer’s eyes and the display must be greater to see a clear image.


  1. LED screens can be waterproof and used outdoors.



  1. The lighting industries of LED screens can be more than video walls, so they are more suitable for open environments where there is natural light.


  1. Unlike video walls, where there is a border between images, in LED screens, the image is integrated.


  1. Also, despite video walls that can be made in certain sizes, LED screens can be made in different years.