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Codali’s team knows what option is best for your. With a little background information and some guidance, we will help you make the most informed decision about whether you need a media room, custom home theater, or a living room upgrade.

How Do I Choose the Best Media Room Ideas?

Choosing the best media room ideas depends upon personal taste, room dimensions, and desired theme. A media room gives people the opportunity to enjoy movies, sporting events, and concerts in their homes without paying the price of a conventional movie theater. Staples of media rooms include Television screens or projection screen or combination of both, sound systems and functional lighting systems. In addition, media room decor can be designed to fit almost any budget and can range from simple to extravagant.

Flat Screen TV

Turn on your TV, stream your family’s favorite music, and select a film to enjoy—all from one intuitive interface for clutter-free control.

With the advent of smart televisions, you can also get additional stand-alone features you wouldn’t get through a projector-and-screen. Most TVs now come with built-in apps like Netflix or Amazon Video so you can begin watching as soon as they’re plugged into the wall (and connected to your Wi-Fi network)

Video Projection

Enjoy your favorite films through stunning 4K projection that produces eye-popping color, optimal contrast, and crystal-clear detail every time.

Conceal your home entertainment system with beautiful frame TVs, motorized display lifts, in-wall speakers and more when not in use.


Go ahead and set the mood


  • One of the most important aspects of a Codali media room is the option of hiding projector or display with projector stand in the ceiling.
  • To further sense of being alive, dive into sound reimagined with Dolby Atoms.

Whether you’re gaming, watching your favorite movie or show, or listening to that new track on repeat, Dolby Atmos transports you into a spatial sound experience that draws you in deeper, so you hear more and feel more.

Projector stand

when you’re not using the screen & video projector , they can be hidden in the ceiling , by using Electric Ceiling Mounts and motorized screens .