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The Imperative technologies for sport bar

Having the right technology in place can go a long way toward creating a great environment for customers. Some of the top-tech listed below for a top-quality sport bar

Audio and Video distribution system

Having different stations or games playing on each video display throughout your sports bar can get costly, especially if you’re relying on individual receiver boxes located with each TV. A distribution system allows you to connect all of your TVs to the same receiver.

Integrated Audio multiple zone

A sports bar can be a loud and chaotic environment, which makes it vital that you optimize your sound system for the space so that every customer can clearly hear the music or TV program. With multiple stations going at once, the last thing you want is a jumble of noise as all the sports commentary mixes together. To solve that issue, it’s best to create separate audio zones that focus the sound from certain TVs in certain areas. A professional AV installer will be able to ensure you have the right audio equipment in the right locations for crystal clear sound.

Control panel

By the touch control panel, the staff can manage all of the AV components throughout the entire bar using tablet, smartphone or personal computer. These panels are designated with user-friendliest way , so with a few taps on the screen , the controller can be sure that every device has audio and video proper level. Otherwise, it can be time consuming and frustrating system when each video display device has a separate control panel. That’s the reason, the best approach is to connect all of devices through a one control panel.

What Codali do?

  • Multi zone sound
  • Audio and video automation
  • Specify the dimensions of the screen
  • Production of LED Wall in any dimensions
  • Provide an audio system
  • Video calibration