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Audio and Video Distribution

Conceal the equipment

Depending on your physical space and the setup, we are able to conceal all the equipment or neatly store it all with clearly labeled wiring in the cabinet or closet.  Where you want to access your entertainment, all you need is a TV and speakers.  With minimalism in mind, you could use in-wall or in-ceiling speakers not visible on your décor.

Simple control

When roaming the house, one app on your smartphone can be the remote.   And all of those controls can integrate other smart home technology with your entertainment if there are any.  A whole audio-video system unifies that control under one intuitive interface which is the user-frienliness as possible.

Any content can be anywhere

Sharing the feeds specially for video is one of the brilliant advantages of AV distribution. Imagine being able to immediately send out video content to everyone in the office, home and any commercial places, with just the touch of a button. Video distribution with a central control system means you can share news quickly, no matter where you are. When your multi-room audio system is paired with your distributed audio and video system, it really captures the attention of all your place’s occupants.

Simultaneously playback different content

With a video distribution system, you can set it and forget it. For instance, If you’re a restaurant owner, video distribution allows you to control what you want to show in different areas of your restaurant: the bar, interior dining, and exterior dining. Just pre-program your videos or channels, push a button, and everything is ready to go frequently.

Audio Video Distribution Solutions

Sports Bar

Feel the closest experience of being in a Stadium when you are not actually there!

Clubs Audio/Video Systems

Have you been in places where you had to listen to other music? Now be your own DJ.

Home Audio Video Distribution

Home A/V systems

Scale your brand and earn more revenue